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What we do

Visual identity
Digital Marketing
Editorial design
Website design

Who we are

We are a team of marketeers and visual designers specialized in branding and digital marketing.
We are always passionate about developing scalable and efficient visual identities, through both printed and digital solutions for our clients.

In other words…

We help your brand stand out from the clutter by creating insightful, strategic content.

We built a strong presence over the last 15 years as a creative studio named Olympian Pantheon where we established durable partnerships with clients from the tourism & food industry, entrepreneurs, municipalities etc.

We made these experiences and values a core part of our philosophy and now we re-introduce ourselves with a brand new identity:

We are Cookies Agency and we are here to help your brand go beyond by narrating a delicious story!

Now please tell us more about you!

Our cookie recipe for success includes out-of-the-box thinking and originality! We always explore concepts that build personal, solid visual identities and provide impactful digital solutions!